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The next Fun Night is to be held on the 28th April at our usual venue the Jersey Bowling Cub Westmount remember to contact Nigel, Jim or Kevin for reservations  use this link for updates on new proposed legistration on BASS Stocks  BEWARE of new law on bass angling as 28th June 2016 you are allowed one fish per day between 1st July and 31st December and catch and release any other time.

There are many members who have seen many anglers from other countries at many of the angling places around the Island. We should encourage other nationalities to become members and ask those who interested to get in touch with any of the Committe. 


The original club was formed in 1982, mainly as a social club, then re-organised into a Angling club a couple of years later.

Meetings were held at the Trafalgar in the bar or lounge, and annual dinners were held at the Sommerville Hotel, St Aubin or Cote du Nord.

One of the first competitions was held on Victoria Avenue, the winning fish going to Mr M Plain. The story goes that he had cast out in dramatic fashion and got a real birds nest on his reel which took about an hour to untangle. Much to his surprise and those helping him, when he eventually reeled in, the winning 5lb Bass was firmly attached.